Reviews / Press

“Treliving’s prints establish an intimate rapport with the viewer. Her prints although small resonates an assured depth and intensity which are passionate poetic gems in their own right. In this respect, her work is confident, remarkably rich in colour and confirms her as a true colourist.”

David Folley, painter

“Reflections Mirror Time”
“I just wanted to pass on how beautiful your work looks in the Riverside Gallery…..particularly in the morning light the work by the window looked stunning. “

Emma Mahanay, Exhibitions Officer, Devon Guild of Craftsmen

“We had been highly recommended to visit this exhibition, and it exceeded our expectations. Fascinating, beautiful, insightful…. I could go on …. Many thanks.”

Shan and Richard, Visitors’ Book

“Very much enjoyed this – seeing how the immersion, the collaboration and the individual pieces have worked for you both. Inspires me to do more!”

Jennie, Visitors’ Book

About her Workshops

(learn more about Deborah’s workshops here)

“Deborah is an extremely talented fine artist: painter and printmaker holding a studio at Cockington Court Craft Centre. She is a professional and highly skilled artist, extremely dedicated to her work. She is extremely committed and inspiring to work with as is always searching for new inspiration and discovering new skills. Deborah exhibits her paintings and prints regularly and has won several awards. I can also recommend her highly as a workshop facilitator as she has taught various classes for adults and children at Cockington Court. Deborah is extremely supportive and generous to others.”

Marissa Wakefield, Centre Director, Cockington Court

“I really enjoyed the weekend and it was something totally new to me. Your instruction was great and Cockington is such a beautiful venue for creative courses.”

Amanda, student

“Thank you for putting the colour into my stay in England”

Tina, student from Hong Kong


Comments from the Visitor’s Book in Deborah’s Studio

(learn more about Deborah’s studio here)

“Fantastic artwork! Lively colours! I can feel your love and energy when I see your work.”

Dina, Cyprus

“Thanks for giving us your time. It was awesome to learn how it all works.”

Kate, Perth

“A wealth of colour and imagination. A magical world”

Marjorie, Torquay